World Link CPA Limited is the principal member of World Link International Accounting Group. We are one of the leading CPA firms in Hong Kong with strong local base as well as operating offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Macau. While we have 6 partners and 4 directors, we currently employ over 80 staff in Hong Kong; and 14 of us are Hong Kong qualified accountants. Our mission is to help our clients to successfully establish, operate and expand their businesses by offering them a full range of services of the highest quality.

All limited companies incorporated in Hong Kong are required to have an audit except for the companies declared as dormant.  Auditors are required under the Companies Ordinance, and other laws applicable to certain regulated industries, to audit a company's annual accounts and to ensure that they comply with reporting requirements.

The continuing growth of world trade over recent years has led to greater centralization of operational functions within a business, and companies are creating commercial “hub” to drive these centralized functions.


The internal audit (“IA”) services team in our firm comprises professionals experienced in both general IA services and Corporate Governance (“CG”) related internal controls assessment.  Our team has substantial US experience in auditing, internal controls and Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) compliance; and is familiar with Hong Kong and China business practices.  In leading our Hong Kong and greater China IA professionals, many of whom also have international education and experience, we emphasize delivery of IA and SOX-CG related controls compliance services to high standard.


We provide a full range of comprehensive taxation consultancy and advisory services for our local and international clients.  Our experience and expertise on the taxation regimes of Hong Kong and the Mainland China help to identify issues that are relevant to your business operations, so that tax concessions can be better utilized to effectively reduce liabilities and enhance your business profitability.  Our wide range of services includes corporation tax filings, individual tax filing, tax planning and tax investigation advisory and support.



We provide corporate secretarial services and act as company secretary for Hong Kong companies.


Our insolvency team comprises of experienced professionals in various industries and is able to provide the following services

Initial Public Offerings ("IPO") can be keys for enhancing growth, competitiveness and profitability.  Increasingly, these engagements take place across borders. Nevertheless, most companies in China intending IPO do not have prior experience of this process and it is important to complete a successful IPO effectively.  This is particularly important when companies need to expand, streamline or restructure their operations either through IPO or through the disposals of non-core activities/non-profitable business segments.

Our firm is highly focused on the Mainland China market. At any time we have staff working in China for Chinese and international clients.  We offer audit assurance, tax planning, company formation, payroll outsourcing, corporate finance and other advisory services.

We provide integrated business development solutions by offering operations focused management advice, highly sophisticated mergers and acquisitions (M&A) skills and other corporate finance assistance
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