Our firm is highly focused on the Mainland China market. At any time we have staff working in China for Chinese and international clients.  We offer audit assurance, tax planning, company formation, payroll outsourcing, corporate finance and other advisory services.

Doing business in China is complicated due to deficiencies in the legal framework and inconsistencies in its application by the judiciary.  China is a collection of diverse cultures and languages, with each province possessing its own judiciary and commercial peculiarities.  To be successful with investment appraisal and ongoing business in China, you need to understand the off balance sheet issues, such as political and commercial risk.  To do this you need local knowledge, connections and expertise in each provincial market.  Our firm has an almost unparallel resource available to it in this regard.  We have professionals, with local capability both in Hong Kong and China, who can support you to evaluate, structure, and execute your business needs.

Our firm has offices located in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Macau which are managed and supported by the Hong Kong office.

We serve both international clients investing in China and the listed and private Chinese companies seeking access to international markets.