We provide integrated business development solutions by offering operations focused management advice, highly sophisticated mergers and acquisitions (M&A) skills and other corporate finance assistance:-

  • assist in formulating business development; acquisition/takeover/divestment strategies and plans
  • advise on corporate restructuring, financial and operational re-engineering
  • identify and introduce strategic business alliance partners via our extensive industry networks

We can undertake the lead manager role, supporting our clients in every stage of the M&A process. We offer a fully integrated pre- and post-acquisition financial, IT system, and tax due diligence and advisory services.  We assist sellers and strategic buyers and financial investors in structuring tax-efficient deals; and

  • Identify and evaluate appropriate acquisition and divestment candidates
  • Advise on deal structure and arrange financing
  • Perform business and company valuations
  • Provide negotiation support for selling price, timing and mode of payment and of sales and purchase agreement finalization
  • Advise on designing and implementing an integration plan for operational, financial and other back office functions to maximize revenue and cost synergies
  • Assist in project finance and re-financing, management and leveraged buyout, equity and debt restructuring. Our corporate finance experts with extensive network in the banking and investment sector can ensure the timeliest and cheapest funds that mostly match our clients’ business expansion needs. Introduce new investors and help negotiate with creditors to enhance financial health and improve ultimate capital structure
  • Assist in Private placement, Pre-IPO financing and IPO Arrangement. Identify and introduce strategic pre-IPO partners who fit in with the corporate culture
  • Help select the most suitable stock market (Hong Kong / Singapore / New York / NASDAQ / London, LSE or AIM) having regard to prevailing market sentiment